BAM Knitting (Pvt) Limited, established in 2005 with the initial objective of yarn dyeing and flat knitting of collars, cuffs and other fabric accessories, is now a fully-fledged fabric manufacturer vertically supporting the apparel manufacturing businesses of BAM Holdings Limited.

As a fully versatile fabric manufacturer with the ability to dye both yarn and fabric, to knit complicated structures and to print on fabric has made us a value-added partner to many other apparel manufacturers in the country.

Salary Details
Basic salary 15,000
Attendance allowance 2,000
Transport allowance 2,000 (Base on the distance)
Over Time 6750
Double Over Time 1500
Shift Details

Pattern 1 – 3 Days, 3 Nights and 3 Days off

Pattern 2 – General shift – Sunday off

Facilities You Will Get

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Chalani Menusha