Established in 2013, MAS Fabrics Matrix is a new business entity to MAS and forms one part of the MAS Fabric Alliance, MAS’ strategic eco system. Matrix is the largest advanced knit technology center in the region dedicated to manufacturing revolutionary knitted components.

Salary Details
Basic Salary 16,500
Attendance Bonus 1,000
OT average 7,000
Skill Incentive 500-2000
Skill Incentive 2 2,500
AQL Allowance 1,000
Team Leader Allowance 3,000
Jumper Allowance 1,000
Monthly Night Allowance-Female: 3,200
Shift Details
Working hours Continental shift – 7.00a.m. – 7.00p.m

Facilities You Will Get

Transport Service

Transport Map

Contact for more details

Dushantha Sanjeewa / Dilani pepera

0771162658 / 0772655001