On the 10th of December 2015, MAS Kreeda Methliya was established in MAS Fabric Park, Thulhiriya. With a workforce of over 1700  employees,MAS Kreeda Methliya is recognized for being Best Bra Plant in Nike; Best in class for Talents; Best in class for Process and Agility; Best in class for Creativity and Autonomation and Best in class for Service and Solutions.

Salary Details
Basic salary 30,500
Individual at bonus 2,500
Team at bonus 1,000
Incentive 3000-7000
Shift Details

Patten 1 – In Week Days 5.30am -1.30pm / Saturday 5.30am -1.00pm

Patten 2 In Week Days 1.30pm -9.30pm  / Saturday 1.00pm -9.30pm

Facilities You Will Get

Transport Service

Transport Map

Contact for more details

Lakshman Mahawaththa